Textured Mill

Adana Hacı Sabancı Organize Sanayi Bölgesinde Bulunan Fabrikamız

The textured yarn used commonly in the inwear sector such as weaving, ring knitting, sock, narrow woven and seamless is prefered more and more nowadays because of its flexiblity volume and warmth. It is produced the yarns that 70,100,150 and 300 denier, textured black and ecru colors, centred textured, semi-lustreless elastane covering and thrown thread as a most quality raw material POY (Pro Oriented Yarn) in our facilty. The average capacity is about to 1200 tons annually. The production of the elastan centred covering yarn is made with latest technology. The distribution of the yarn to the costumers is supplied as equal sized bobins after texture operation and the centrelazion made at the same time.