Yarn Mill

Osmaniye Organize Sanayi Bölgesinde Bulunan Fabrikamız

The mix of polyester-vicose yarn is produced with high technology as black, grey, anthrasite, ultramarine and brown tones monthly 600 tons by our 20 pieces of RIETER G35 (1632 iğ)brand machines between 20/1 and 60/1 Ne as per order in Organized Industriy Site of Osmaniye in our indoor facilities that built on 30,000 m2 area. Our yarn facilty has got specially designed for melange yarn production blow machines. The mixture and color range of this yarns that are produced by this technology is perfect. The fabric defects, which are caused by cops in convetional system ,are prevented thanks to being coupled our cop winder and ring machines together. Our firm is producing the yarn at the top level quality that needed by ring knitting facilties thanks to our experts technicians, educated operators in our well designed labs. The capacity of our yarn facilty is increased to 600 tons monthly by the new upgrades in 2012.